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Hiking in Switzerland for hikers with knees symptoms

There are many among us, who are sportive and like hiking in the mountains, but are somewhat disabled because of having knee symptoms.

A good solution is to walk uphill and skip the downhill part of the hike. I tell you: Switzerland is the way to go. There are many cablecars and trains going up (and down) all the mountains here. With some good ideas there are many options of hard hikes without the need to go downhill. Since I relocated to Switzerland many of my friends asked for tours like this.

Following are some proposals. The tours are for sportive people who are able to hike for 3 to 5 hours and are able to go uphill several hundered meters altitude. The tours are selected in a way that you skip the downhill. That saves your bones. But: the tours are not for untrained people or beginners.

I would like to give you GPS tracks, cards, links an all other stuff right here. Unluckily my time is limited. If you really are interested call my up in skype (rainergrau) or sent me an email asking for more information to "rainer dot grau at zuehlke dot com".

Walensee hike, 3h hiking, 4.5h on tour
  • take the car to Murg at the border of the Walensee
  • park at the railway station
  • take to boat crossing the lake to Quinten
  • hike along the lake and then up to Walenstadtberg
  • take the bus to go down to Walenstadt
  • take the train back to Murg

View to Walensee hiking between Quinten and Walenstadtberg
Fronalpstock hike, 3h hike, 5h on tour
  • take the car via Schwyz and go on for about 4km direction Muothatal (not Ibergeregg and not Brunnen)
  • there is a rack railway station called "Stoos", park there and take the train up to Stoos, a small village half way up to the top of the mountains
  • Start the hike from Stoos up to the peak called Chlingenstock
  • hike along the rim from peak to peak to the last one in that row called Fronalpstock
  • take the cable car down to Stoos from Fronalpstock and then the rack railway back to the car
View from Fronalpstock down to Lake Vierwaldstätter and Brunnen

On the small path leading from Chlingenstock to Fronalpstock
Hike von Weggis up to Rigi Kaltbad, 4h hike, 5h on tour, 1400 meter altitude
  • take the car to the cable car station in Weggis on the north border of the lake Vierwaldstätter. Park there.
  • start your hike right here all the way up to Rigi Kaltbad via the so called Felsentor trail
  • terrific tour with fantastic views and very nice trails, some of them as single trails
  • at Rigi Kaltbad there are many restaurants and shops for recreation
  • take the cable car back down to your car

Eggberge hike, 4.5h hike, 5.5h on tour, 1200 meter altitude
  • Take the car to Flüelen (at the south end of the lake Vierwaldtstätter), follow the road to Altdort ond go on direction Klausenpass.
  • Passing Altdorf, 3km direction Klausenpass, already up the hill, a cable car station with a small parking area is on the left side called Brügg / Bürgelen.
  • Park your car there.
  • start your long hike up the hill direction Schwand / Eggberge
  • When you reach the plateau there are many small inns and taverns, original Swiss with original Swiss charming service
  • As well terrific views in an outstanding region
  • There are two different cable car stations on the plateau. Doesn't matter which to take, both lead down to the car park where your car is

Alternative to Eggberge, 4h hike, 5h on tour, only a few meters up and down
  • Park your car on the same location as above
  • This time take one of the cable cars up the hill. Each cable car has a middle station where you have to change to go up to hill. Go up to the hill to the plateau.
  • Start your hike there direction Klausenpass (east). This hike is just fun, all the way a bit up and down, never that hard, but about 4 hours to go.
  • The hike ends where the hiking path hits the road coming from Altdorf to Klausenpass 2km before you reach the top of the pass.
  • There is a bus station. Take the bus down to Altdorf. It goes about once an hour until about 6pm.
  • Next alternative: go by bike. The cable car will transport your MTB up the hill. Instead of hiking go for biking. The trail is easy, so the normal average bike will manage it.
  • With a bike you can of course go the last 2km to Klausenpass and of course cruise down the road to your car.

View from Schwand direction Klausenpass, only 3.5h left to hike
Rickenbach to Klewenalp hike, 3.5h - 5h hike, 4.5h - 6h on tour, 1000 meter altitude
  • Take the car to Beckenried on the south border of the Vierwaldstätter See, park at the cable car station
  • your hike starts here going up the hill either to Klewenalp or direction Stockhütte
  • Down from Klewenalp the cable car directly goes to your car park
  • From Stockhütte a different cable car goes down to Emmetten. There you have to change to the bus to go down to the cable car station in Beckenried

Hike from Schwyz to Mostelegg, 4.5h hike, 5.5h to go, 1100 meter altitude
  • Take the car and park in the center of the village Schwyz. Do not park at the railway station. The railway station is 2km down in the vally from Schwyz center
  • Start your hike in Schwyz direction Hagenegg or Mostelegg. Search for the yellow hiking signs in Schwyz. Best position to start and find the signs is at the central bus station. All hiking paths are signed there.
  • If you go for Hagenegg you end at a small mountain taverne with a nice terasse right under the massive of the so called "Kleiner Mythen" a very impressing peak there.
  • At this taverne you enjoy a teriffic view over lake Vierwaldtstätter
  • Starting at Hagenegg go direction Mostelegg
  • If you go for Mostelegg from Schwyz you are already there :)) (Mostelegg is in between Hagenegg and the target of the hike)
  • Go direction Mostelberg via Herrenboden
  • At Mostelberg there is a station with a few tavernes, child animation, a large slide.
  • Take the cable car down the hill to Sattel
  • In Sattel at the cable car station is a bus station going back to Schwyz (14 Minutes).
  • Between Mostelegg and Mostelberg, View down to Lake Lauerzer, Schwyz (we hiked by bike)
Take your time. Come to Switzerland and enjoy terrific hikes and trails. Conserve your knees and meniscus. You will love that - in the last century - the English railway constructors and rich Lords tried to construct a cable car or train on nearly each peak, hill and mountain.

You will love Switzerland. You will find a sometimes interesting and different view on hospitality in the taverns and small restaurants far away from the shopping centers. You will learn to love that as well... I love it.

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