Friday, June 24, 2011

Restaurant Gemsli, Flerden, Graubünden, Switzerland

If you ever spend some time in Thusis and you love the homebred local cuisine, you definitly have to book for a dinner at the Restaurant Gemsli in Flerden. Flerden is a small village 500 meter above Thusis.
Search for Restaurant Gemsli Flerden in Google Earth or go to the local site  (in German only).

Ideally you go twice. The first time eat Pizokel or Kapunz or any other local speciality of the local cuisine. While you are eating discuss with the host your next dinner. She is just cooking just for passion using natural beef, vegetables and ingredients.

The first time you try to enter the Gemsli, don't be scared off by the impression of the Restaurants facade from outside. Inside you will find a homebred but cosy farmersroom with a large and warm oven. You will feel comfortable.

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